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There are many fireplace tools and woodheater accessories available in the market. Fireplace screens are the most commonly used ones, which serve two main purposes. First and foremost - safety of the family members and guests. They keep embers, hot ashes and sparks from soaring out into the room. fireplace screen in Simsbury, CT. fireplace screen in Simsbury, CT. This will prevent small fires from starting and avoid burning holes in surrounding objects. This is the reason, they are also termed as child safety screens. They make children secure. Secondly, designer fireplace screens help to enhance the beauty level of the hearth.

Styles of Screens: Fireplace screens are available mainly in styles.

The first style is a decorative version that covers up the void fire box. It is obtainable in many styles and materials like wood, terra, marble or cotta. It is mostly used as a decorative agent. Not all decorative fireplace screens offer adequate protection. Often, they offer meager protection against fire. Besides earthy materials, they are also made up of synthetic materials. Many of them are also made up of plain and/or etched glass. Combination of materials often forms a wonderful product.

The second type, is the mesh curtain which is prepared to fit in certain slots, tracks or fireplaces. The mesh curtain is prepared out of steel. It has tiny holes which permit passage of air without causing sparks from the blazing fire. Either a metal lever or a metal rope is used to pull open or push close the curtain.

The third and final version of the fireplace screens is a standing up screen that can be folded as and when required. It covers the complete fireplace opening to foil inhabitants from sparks that often comes out of the hearth. They can be folded and straightened depending on the prefixed distance from the fireplace. If you have less space in your house, then this version would be apt.

Placing Your Order: After gauging the benefits of fire screens if you decide to use them at your house, you will be making a wise move. It does not only prevent sparks or fire balls from hitting the inhabitants but also enhances the overall appearance of the house. Sitting around the fireplace on a snowy day, shawl wrapped with a faux beer in hand and chit chatting with family members or guests would be an awesome experience.

Fireplace screens should match with other fireplace tools and woodheater accessories.

Everyone has a certain budget to abide by. Now, when you embark to buy fire screens, you would come across many lavish ones. Don't stretch your budget if you have no means to make up for that. Choose a simple and long-lasting one for the time being, that would serve the purpose of protecting your family at least. Remember, you can always modify and upgrade later.

Check as many companies, shops and agents you can. You have something to learn from all of them. Don't place your order in haste.

Don't forget to check the portfolio of all companies you talk to.

Next time you decide to install fire screens in your house, keep the above points in mind.

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